Friday, January 19, 2007

More Birthday Calendar Pics

Here are more pictures of my perpetual Birthday Calendar. It has been fun selecting stamp sets and colors. The options are almost endless. It could also have some ribbon and other embellishments to make it even prettier.

As you can see, when I did the month of April, I did more to stay out of the center of the page. With February, I wasn't concerned about that, although I did try to use lighter colors in the center. You can do this in a way that pleases you.

There are two simple ways to block off the center. That technique is called masking.

  1. A piece of regular copy paper cut to size can be attached using a temporary adhesive. If any adhesive sticks you can use an adhesive eraser to gently remove it.

  2. Use Post-It notes to cover the center while you're stamping.

Either of these methods work fairly well. You can use whichever you have on hand. I happen to like the look of background printing, so I'll probably continue to do that as I finish my calendar.

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