Monday, January 1, 2007

The Stamper's Blessing

by Laura Smith

In the morning she awakes
with blessing in her mind.
The question is who will she bless,
and how she'll find the time.

Throughout her day she muses
on which dear friend to pick.
Because she knows the power
of her friendly little trick.

"This one has a birthday coming.
That one needs some cheer.
My other friend has been the best,
when I've been looking down, not up."

Then once again she pulls together
paper, ink and stamps.
She cuts and taps and rolls and glues
to make her favor dance.

The pictures cross the paper.
They mount themselves with glee,
for in the morning they will ride
with the Postman through the streets.

They'll wait in silent hiding,
within their shrouded lair.
'Til all at once they hear the shout,
"What have we got here?"

Perhaps a birthday greeting,
perhaps a "Thank You, dear",
or maybe, just maybe,
the beholder's eyes will tear.

To know that you've been thought of,
is a great gift in this life,
as people go about their days
filled with grief and strife.

Once again the words are read.
The noise begins to fade,
as peaceful notes of quiet rest
begin to take their place.

The pictures and the colors
from beginning to the end,
tell the stamper's story
she hoped that she would send.

Ribbons and embellishments,
reminders of the care
taken to adorn this card
with love and thankful prayers.

If someday you go out
to the mailbox to get your post,
and in the mail that day you find
a heavy envelope,
then know that someone holds you dear
and wants for you to feel
the wonder of the blessing
which stampers all revere.

Copyright 2006, Laura Smith
All rights reserved.

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